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Chief Finance Officer


After reading this job description, to apply for this position please fill in the online form and upload your resume at this link If the link does not open, please paste the URL into your web browser.

Applications Close: Mon 26 Mar 2018

Section 1. The Job Description, Broadly Stated

The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) has all the powers and authority required to manage the financial affairs of the Corporation and its subsidiaries in the ordinary course of business, subject to any limitations specified by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Board of Directors (the Board) in any applicable resolutions, and in exercising those powers and that authority;

(i) s/he is responsible and accountable to the CEO, and

(ii) s/he is subject to the leadership and management of the CEO and to the

terms of any policies established by the Corporation.

Section 2. Additional Specific Duties of the CFO

Without limiting the CFO’s powers, authority, duties, responsibilities, accountability and limitations referred to in Section 1 above, the CFO shall:

a) Be responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of company operations;

b) Provide strategic leadership and coordination in the development and implementation of business planning, financial management, accounting, budgeting, program and system management efforts of the company;

c) Be accountable for the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results;

d) Create, coordinate and evaluate the financial programs and supporting information systems of the company to include budgeting, tax planning where applicable, real estate and conservation of assets;

e) Examine means to enhance growth, profitability and value creation by evaluating internal operations, potential acquisitions, cash management strategy, the effective use of corporate assets, and by taking into account the financial and operational risks of the business;

f) Approve and coordinate changes and improvements in automated financial and management information systems for the company;

g) Ensure compliance with Civil Aviation, regulatory, statutory and budgetary reporting requirements;

h) Oversee the approval processing of revenue, expenditure, and position control documents, department budgets, mass salary updates, ledger and account maintenance and data entry;

i) Coordinate the preparation of financial statements, financial & management reports, special analyses and information reports;

j) Ensure appropriate and robust finance, accounting, billing and auditing procedures;

k) Establish and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards, including a financial risk register, and communicate and manage relevant risks;

l) Ensure records systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, assist in obtaining the necessary licenses and insurance required to operate the business;

m) Analyse cash flow, cost controls and expenses to guide business leaders;

n) Develop and implement purchasing and supply chain management; and

o) As a member of the Leadership team, contribute and work collaboratively with all elements of day-to-day airline operations, including employee and customer relations, safety, revenue management, scheduling, strategic alliances, sales, brand management, product development and customer service delivery.

Section 3. Requirements for this CFO position


1. Proven experience (10+ years) as CFO or in other senior financial leadership positions within a large company;

2. Master’s Degree in Finance or Accounting;

3. CA/CPA certification or equivalent;

4. Experience in strategic business planning and implementation, financial management, accounting, budgeting, program and system management, development of financial and operational strategies, metrics, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems.

5. Experience in contracting, negotiating, and change management.

6. Sound knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

7. Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements, and projections.

8. High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, Powerpoint; web-based and email programs.

9. Excellent English communication skills verbally, in writing, and electronically

10. Excellent public presentation skills


11. French language skills are highly desirable

12. In-depth knowledge of corporate governance and general management best practices

13. Experience working in the aviation industry

14. Knowledge of automated financial and accounting reporting systems.

15. Knowledge of IFRS financial reporting standards.

16. An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills

17. Analytical abilities and problem-solving skills

18. Desire to learn national languages

Applications close 26 March 2018

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