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Our Company

Link Personnel Services, formerly known as Consulting Vanuatu, is the sole registered and licensed Recruitment and Employment Agency in Vanuatu.


With a history dating back to 2013, we have established a robust reputation for delivering effective recruitment services and offering exceptional support in engaging program staff on behalf of development partners.


Our expertise extends to the management of staff, both local and international, allowing organizations to focus on their core business operations.



We are the leading personnel services provider in Vanuatu, dedicated to assisting organisations and teams in sourcing and effectively managing the personnel essential for achieving success.



Empower organisations in Vanuatu to achieve success by delivering robust and sustainable workforce solutions, fostering impactful partnerships, leveraging a profound understanding of Vanuatu's labour market, and enhancing employment prospects for ni-Vanuatu



To provide excellent outcomes and support in talent management services and promoting Good Employer practices to connect ni-Vanuatu with employment opportunities.

Our Clients

We have developed solid relationships with our clients in the Government of Vanuatu, development partners and the private sector.


For the past 11 years we have helped projects, programs, businesses, High Commissions, NGOs, and donor projects/programs recruit and employ skilled professionals to make a real impact in Vanuatu projects.


We have engaged employees on our clients’ behalf so they can focus on their core business leaving us to facilitate the recruitment and employment processes. During COVID when our clients couldn’t establish themselves in Vanuatu, we recruited and managed the teams they needed to work on their behalf.

Our Approach

We understand Vanuatu. We understand the complexities and uniqueness of the local labour market. We help our clients find the right people who understand the context of Vanuatu.


We understand the unique working environments of the public and private sectors and Vanuatu’s development partners which means we can assist in managing applicant expectations before they are engaged. 


We make it our business to know the industries, the organisations, businesses and the labour market so we can support organisations to find and manage reliable and competent staff. We work closely with our clients to understand their business culture, the positions, and help find the right employee and engagement solutions to suit.

We provide advice on local labour legislation, insurances, best HR practices, local customs and navigating the complexities of employment of Vanuatu. Employees can focus on being productive and clients can rest easy knowing that we’ll look after the staff that look after your business.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diverse, equitable, and inclusive companies possess the potential to foster innovation, effectively address challenges, attract and retain top-tier talent, and cater to a broader spectrum of customers and clients.

Link Personnel Services recognizes the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the workforce. We understand that Diversity is about who is represented in the workforce, Equity is about ensuring fair treatment for all individuals, and Inclusion refers to how staff experience the workplace.

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