Our Company - Link Personnel Services

Link Personnel Services (previously Consulting Vanuatu) is Vanuatu’s only registered and licenced Recruitment and Employment Agency. We manage both recruitment and employment services on behalf of local and international clients.  We have been operating since 2013 and have built our strong reputation around providing successful recruitment services and engaging and managing staff so that organisations can concentrate on their core business. We have developed solid relationships with our clients in the Government of Vanuatu, development partners and the private sector and we continue to work together to meet their workforce needs.


We understand Vanuatu. We understand the complexities of the local labour market and appreciate the need to help clients find the right people who understand the context of Vanuatu. We understand the unique working environments of the public and private sectors and Vanuatu’s development partners which means we can assist in managing applicant expectations before they are engaged.  With over 4000 registered people on our Vanuatu Skills Database we have a great pool of talent to tap into and we achieve unparalleled reach to potential applicants.

The Directors

Tim Hewatt has 18+ years’ of professional experience in business analysis and private sector development in the finance industry in Australia. Lenise Monteiro served for more than 10 years as a New Zealand Defence Force Officer and has forged a career in Human Resource Management with specific expertise in recruitment. 
We have each chosen to call Vanuatu home and have lived here with our families for over 10 years. We are both passionate about Vanuatu and improving the lives and livelihood of ni-Vanuatu through improving opportunities for access to key positions of influence. We understand Vanuatu – the businesses, the labour market, the Government, the challenges and the people. We believe in promoting ni-Vanuatu skills and capabilities and can help clients embark on journeys through localization when they, and the labour market are ready.