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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the context of recruitment and employment in Vanuatu is evident through:

Assisting our clients in appreciating the advantages of a diverse and well-balanced workforce. We advocate for the development and inclusion of genuine occupational requirements and suitability criteria against which candidates are assessed.

Our assessment methods are grounded in merit, evaluating candidates exclusively based on their qualifications, skills, and experiences in relation to the job requirements.

We actively encourage employers to allow us to inspire and invite female and differently-abled individuals to apply for job opportunities.

Continuous self-reflection is a core part of our ethos, as we strive to make our clients aware of any unintentional biases that may influence candidates' applications.

We acknowledge the challenges related to technology access and make diligent efforts to ensure accessibility to job advertisements and the job application process.

We acknowledge societal realities and treat all employees with respect, compassion and understanding. We advocate for their wellbeing and work closely with clients to respectfully manage employment relationships and work performance

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