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Smart Commercial Solar in Vanuatu

"Vanuatu Solar Feasability Studies have shown internal rates of return over 20%, payback periods under 4 years and system life cost of electricity less than Vt6 per kWh - for commerical solar systems."

The Problem

Expensive Electricity Vanuatu

Vanuatu has some of the most expensive electricity in the world. Being dependent mostly on diesel generation, electricity is not going to get cheaper.

The Problem Solar

The Opportunity

Solar Regulation Vanuatu

In several recent rullings the Vanuatu Utilities Regulatory Authority has stated that ‘self-generation’ is allowed within UNELCO’s concession area. This opens the door for commercial solar. See the new Vanuatu Standards here.

The Solution

By combining solar with grid connected electricity, in most cases 40% or more of your energy can come free from your own roof.


Recent solar feasibility studies in Vanuatu have shown rates of return on investment of 20-30%, payback periods under 4 years and the effective system life cost of electricity under Vt6 per kWh.

Who is Smart Commercial Solar

Smart Commercial Solar is a leading Australia solar installer. They offer high quality, guaranteed and continually monitored solar solutions. Their clients represent a wide-range of private and government enterprises of all sizes and include: NSW Rail Transport, Vodafone, Ikea, Bunnings and The King's School.

Next Steps

If your monthly UNELCO bill is over Vt300,000 and you are interested in reducing it please contact us and we will do a free Solar Feasability Study. We log your electricity use and analyze your bill to design a system that maximes the financial return.

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