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Chief Executive Officer


After reading this job description, to apply for this position please fill in the online form and upload your resume at this link If the link does not open, please paste the URL into your web browser.

Applications Close: Mon 26 Mar 2018

Section 1. The Job Description, Broadly Stated

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has all the powers and authority required to manage the business and affairs of the Corporation and its subsidiaries in the ordinary course of business, subject to any limitations specified by the Board of Directors (the Board) in any applicable resolutions, and in exercising those powers and that authority s/he;

(i) is responsible and accountable to the Board,

(ii) is subject to the direction and control of the Board and to the terms of any policies established by the Board, and

(iii) is responsible for the reputation of the Corporation, the establishment and enforcement of ethical standards for the Corporation and the ethical conduct of business.

Section 2. Additional Specific Duties of the CEO

Without limiting the CEO’s powers, authority, duties, responsibilities, accountability and

limitations referred to in Section 1 above, the CEO shall:

a) in conjunction with the Board, establish and communicate (i) the Corporation’s overarching strategic objective, and (ii) the Corporation’s values;

b) in conjunction with the Board, develop and maintain a strategic plan directed to realizing the Corporation’s overarching strategic objective;

c) establish and maintain the Corporation’s operating plans, policies, procedures and tactics for implementing the Corporation’s strategic plan; be responsible for the day to day operation of the Corporation’s business;

d) obtain the approval of the Board for all major decisions outside the normal course of business;

e) monitor and evaluate the Corporation’s performance and take corrective action to ensure that the Corporation is operating in a manner consistent with the Corporation’s overarching strategic objective, the Corporation’s strategic plan, operating plans and capital budget at an acceptable risk;

f) develop and maintain an effective management group, creating an organizational structure and management processes that enable the management group to function as a team;

g) develop and maintain open and candid communication between and among (i) members of the management group, and (ii) the CEO, members of the management group and the Board;

h) develop and maintain a viable succession plan covering all significant management positions;

i) lead the development and maintenance of healthy, positive relationships with customers, suppliers, shareholders, the Board, agents and others whose goodwill is important to the success of the Corporation;

j) create and foster a strong culture of safety in the Corporation and its subsidiaries;

k) create an environment which stimulates the morale and productivity of employees of the Corporation;

l) recognize and meet the Corporation’s social responsibilities;

m) serve effectively as the chief spokesperson for the Corporation, the chief liaison with the markets, and develop and maintain appropriate communication policies and procedures for the Corporation;

n) develop and maintain a keen insight into, and a detailed knowledge of, the social, economic, political and environmental climates in which the Corporation operates;

o) understand and respect the role of the Board, facilitating the Board’s performance of its duties and keeping the Board fully informed in a timely and candid manner of all events that could reasonably be expected to significantly affect the Corporation or the Corporation’s performance or prospects; and

p) provide the Chair of the Board and the chair of each committee of the Board with the assistance necessary to enable them to discharge their duties.

Section 3. Requirements for this CEO position


1. Proven experience as CEO or in other senior leadership position within the airline industry

2. Masters degree in aeronautical engineering (Ingénieur en aéronautique), business administration or relevant field

3. Demonstrable success as head of a key function with a track record of delivery against key goals and overcoming significant obstacles

4. Experience in developing profitable long term competitive strategies and implementing vision

5. Strong understanding of corporate finance and performance management principles

6. Familiarity with diverse business functions such as marketing, product development, PR, finance etc.

7. Excellent communication and public speaking skills in English


8. French language skills would be highly desirable

9. In-depth knowledge of corporate governance and general management best practices

10. Experience working with airlines of small countries

11. An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills

12. Analytical abilities and problem-solving skills

13. Desire to learn national languages

Applications close 26 March 2018

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