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Operations and Administration Manager

Mount Kava

Applications closed Tuesday, 13 February 2024

● Unique opportunity to grow a career in further developing Vanuatu’s Kava industry.

● Permanent full-time position open to Vanuatu Citizens and Residents

● Based in Port Vila with travel to the islands

The Organisation

Located in the heart of Vanuatu, Mount Kava is a testament to the nation's rich kava tradition. Embracing centuries-old cultivation methods, modernizing them, and setting new standards of excellence. Our promise is to provide the world with authentic, high-quality kava, and to do so with integrity and dedication. As demand for genuine kava surges globally, we stand at the forefront, championing the unmatched essence of our Vanuatu roots.

The Position

The Operations and Administration Manager is responsible to lead, coordinate, manage, and deliver on all aspects of operations management and administration management. While this position is employed under Mount Kava, they will work across the various groups of businesses covering kava and sandalwood.

Essential Selection Criteria

► Experience working in a similar agriculture or farming role in operations and administration management

► Experience with book-keeping (preferably in Xero Accounting Software)

► Experience managing data and inventory

► Full valid Driver’s license

► Able to travel for 1-2 weeks to islands in Vanuatu

► Active and fit to work indoors and outdoors

► Proactive, practical and quick to learn

► Strong delegation skills


► Very attractive salary and benefits with the chance to earn commission

► Fully paid accommodation (Snake Hill) with internet ► Access to a vehicle

Job Description

Apply Online

Applications for this role must be submitted online using the link below.

Do NOT email your application.

Vanuatu citizens are strongly encouraged to apply

Applications closed Tuesday, 13 February 2024



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