3 different  packages to suit your recruitment needs

Advertising and Application Management


VUV 45,000 + VAT

Best suited when you need...

  • The largest and targeted advertising reach in Vanuatu

  • Time saving online platform to consolidate the applications

  • A clear easy process to shortlist and identify the best candidates

We’ll send you a link so you can provide us all the Job details and then we will:

• review the Job Description & provide advice if required

• design the job advert and place it online across LinkPS.com website, FB page, Wokikik, VanuatuWok, etc

• arrange extra advertising exposure on Facebook plus discounted newspaper advertising, if required

• email 3100+ registered candidates on our growing Skills Database

• we create an online application form specific to your selection criteria to single out quality applicants

• we receive and consolidate all job
applications online for ease of management

Then we send you a spreadsheet of all applicants, including their CV’s and responses to the online questions so you can easily score and rank the top tier candidates to interview.

Standard Recruitment

5 -10% Annual Gross Salary + VAT*


Complete Recruitment

10 -15% Annual Gross Salary + VAT*


Best suited when you need...

Best suited when you need...

  • Targeted advertising and assistance, managing candidate applications

  • Only want to know the bestcandidates of those who applied

  • Want to be involved in the interview process

  • An enhanced, quality recruitment outcome but don’t have the time or recruitment experience to risk it yourself

  • Our experts to do ALL the work - from advertising, assessment, to background checks and reporting

  • International recruitment

All the benefits of package 1 plus:

• we conduct initial candidate suitability assessment of applicants based on the job criteria provided, and

• we provide you a scored, rated and ranked list of all applicants (shortlist) based on our recruitment experience

Then we’ll provide you a summary recruitment report and the top ten CVs so that you can confidently proceed to interview the top tier candidates.

All the benefits of our Advertising and Standard packages plus:

• we facilitate and assist with interviews of the top candidates, in our office if desired

• our extensive recruitment advice and support throughout the process

• thorough background and referee checks of the first preferred candidate

Then we’ll provide a full detailed recruitment report to assist you in making the Final candidate selection. 

The Complete Package is used for all international recruitment. 


* recruitment minimum charge may be payable