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Project Manager / Project Engineer

Applications closed.

● Management that will value your creative solutions, dedication, and hard work

● Contract full-time position open to Vanuatu citizens and residents

● Based in Malekula

The Organisation

MAP Projects is a growing family-owned Civil Engineering construction firm with specialist skills in Dam construction and Hydro Generation in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. MAP is delivering a run of river hydro generation project (Brenwe SHPP) scheme on Malekula island and we are looking for some skilled and enthusiastic employed to join our team. The employment will be based on Malekula Island for the next 9 to 12 months and MAP will pursue further works in Vanuatu and we also offer career opportunities in New Zealand for the right candidates (and subject to Visa requirements).

The Position

Project Manager / Project Engineer to assist with the delivery of the Brenwe Hydro and Malekula Transmission line projects.

We are looking for someone to manage some of our operations and assist with:

► Planning and Logistics for the materials in country Port Vila to Litz Litz and Santo to Litz Litz

► Transmission Line local design and set out

► Safety planning, auditing and checking

► Management of our Ni Van work crews to deliver Concrete works, Pipe Installation and Transmission Line erection

► Quality Assurance checking and records

► Environmental planning, auditing and checking

► Production management and cost control

► Meeting with and Communication with local community groups

► Reporting to client on progress and Programme

Essential Selection Criteria

► Project management or project engineer qualifications such as Degree(s), qualifications and/or certifications

► Previous experience engineering projects in Vanuatu

► Experience managing local project crews

► Experience meeting and liaising with community groups regarding project impacts

► Experience in project reporting, including financials

► Reliable and timely, at work each day with an enthusiasm to listen and learn

► Basically fit, able, and willing to do the work needed

► Need to have email, phone, VNPF number and bank account

► Ability to be based on Malekula Island at either Brenwe/Unmet or Lakatoro Areas


What you will get from MAP:

► A pay scale that matches your experience; and performance incentives to ensure your goals and objectives are aligned with ours

► A friendly, relaxed and supportive work environment

► Flexible working hours for the right candidate and opportunities to learn new skills

► The opportunity to work for a growing company with diverse projects that are interesting and challenging

► Management that will value your creative solutions, dedication, and hard work – we’ll support you, not micromanage you

Check us out and see our diverse range of completed projects at our website

Apply Online

Applications closed on Tue 08 June 2021


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