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Kaihatsu Management Consulting, Inc.



Applications close Tue 07 July 2020


● Exciting opportunity to work with Japanese company

● Contract Fixed number of days (at least 5 days) position open to all applicants in Vanuatu

● Based in Port Vila

● Salary Vt20,000-30,000 / day


The Organisation

Kaihatsu Management Consulting, Inc. (KMC) is a consulting firm that supports "Regional Development, Human Resource Development, and Institutional Development" in more than 70 countries.
We are engaged in projects all over the world. Our clients are ODA-related institutions such as JICA (Japan Overseas Cooperation Agency), and private companies and organizations that seek opportunities of starting or expanding their business.


The Position

KMC is seeking to recruit a suitable person to support our feasibility survey on energy sector and mobile money sector. The main roles of the local consultant are described below:
1. Collect information on rural electrification sector
2. Collect information on mobile money sector (including M-Vatu)
3. Collect information on the price of kerocene/solar lantern in six provinces
4. Collect information related to the above mentioned sectors
5. Other (if needed)


Essential Selection Criteria

► Experiences/Knowledge on working in vanuatu rural electification sector and/or in mobile money sector

► Good communicaion skills in English

► Good personal network of connection around Vanuatu


Desirable Selection Criteria

► Experiences/Knowledge on working in Rural Electrification Project (World Bank Project)

► Knowledge on M-Vatu Mobile Money


Apply Online

Applications for this role must be submitted using this link. Do not email your application.


Applications are now closed


Please click on the link to apply online and upload your resume.

Vanuatu citizens are strongly encouraged to apply
Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply

For further information please contact Leilani.Sikkema@linkps.com

Applications close Tue 07 July 2020

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